We all live from the Mangroves

Marvivo Foundation is a team of experts who promote and coordinate actions of environmental conservation, economic, social and cultural development

Our Mission:

Empower communities in the strengthening and development of sustainable economies, building alliances and social initiatives with a solid scientific base.

Through the mobilization of financing from the private sector, with the contribution of knowledge from specialists and connections we identify new solutions for the productive sector and create opportunities for its inclusion in the national and international market. With the design of comprehensive business models, we intend to contribute to the generation of quality jobs and the equitable distribution of wealth, in order to improve the quality of life of the communities that depend on Bahía Magdalena-Almejas.

Community development programs
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MarVivo Foundation is protecting mangroves on MagBay

Magbay mangroves provide shelter and feeding grounds for a myriad of wildlife species. In particular, they serve as a breeding and breeding site for endangered hammerhead sharks that live around Baja California.

The dense root system of mangroves traps sediment and filters pollutants such as heavy metals. This stabilizes the coast, improves water quality and protects adjacent areas ecosystems

Mangroves play an important role for people living near the ocean. In addition to supporting many fisheries, they protect coastlines from floods, tsunamis and hurricanes

Mangroves are among the ecosystems with the fastest rate and the highest amount of carbon storage. The protection of mangroves is a key element in the fight against global warming caused by unsustainable human activities.

The mangrove is one of the most productive systems – and so are its people.

MarVivo is a project aimed at the coastal communities of the Magdalena-Clams Bay lagoon system. Our mission is to promote innovation to provide solutions to the inhabitants of San Carlos, Puerto López Mateos and Puerto Chale, and the settlements of Isla Magdalena and Margarita, who currently face economic, social and environmental challenges. The cultural wealth and natural resources in Magdalena-Clams Bay provide infinite economic options, which we seek to develop together with entrepreneurs, benefiting the sustainable development of communities and their ecosystems.


We disseminate in the community the knowledge of the value of environmental services.


We collaborate with CONANP in specific projects of conservation, research, institutional development, community development and climate change.


We promote social entrepreneurship projects that generate a positive impact, through sustainable business models. (Ecotourism, certified fishing, climate change mitigation).

From Fundacion MarVivo we have the purpose of helping the neighboring communities of Magdalena Bay to improve their quality of life, by creating more jobs and better quality, supporting local production and the dynamization of the economy.

Thriving environments, thriving communities.

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