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The Biodiversity Reserve in Magdalena Bay is being developed by a coalition of actors that includes Fundación MarVivo, CONANP and the communities. Through environmental monitoring and capacity building, we aim to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

The communities around Magdalena will be the main stakeholders in all programs through the creation of community enterprises, which will make them long-term catalysts for net positive change.

Fundación Marvivo will seek market-based conservation strategies that address the environmental, economic and social concerns of partner communities.

Environmental initiatives are being designed in collaboration with government and community partners to ensure program relevance, sustainability, and strong cause-and-effect scenarios.

Unlike traditional conservation initiatives that often arouse suspicion and contempt and are often transient in nature, Fundación Marvivo employs a true partnership model that builds generational relationships and produces transformative results.

When local communities are involved in the governance and protection of their ecosystems, much of the pressure on both nature and governments can be alleviated.


MarVivo Foundation is proud to collaborate with the following groups and organizations:

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The Marvivo Foundation team is an international network of multidisciplinary specialists with professional experience in climate, biodiversity, community, analysis, ecotourism, legal and political fields.

MarVivo Foundation Staff

Ruben Ruiz Ortiz

Wildlife Manager (whales)

Omar Martinez Garcia

Wildlife Manager (sea turtles)

Jose Hernandez

Wildlife Manager (sea turtles)

Talia Rodriguez

Community Operations Manager

Jose Alberto Ruiz Mendivil


Carmelita Solis Hernandez

Wildlife & Education Coordinator

Ellen Myers

Community Coordinator

Karla Silva Garcia

Environmental Educator

Jose Velez

Environmental Education Assistant

Jesus Braulio Ruiz Moroyoqui

Operations Manager

Maike Heidemeyer

Community & Biodiversity Director

Janus De Rutte

Climate Manager

Martha Lucia Calderon

CONANP Project Coordinator

Shees Ali

Data Analyst

Alfonso Blancafort

Director of Legal and Political Operations

Lilly Carrion

Adjunct Officer

Marco Bustamante

Director of Carbon Asset Development

Adriana d’Argence

Executive Coordinator

Marvivo Foundation is generating trust and enthusiasm among stakeholders through mutual respect, full transparency, capacity building, exchange and transfer of mutual and open knowledge.

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